Life Changing Chiropractic Care

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Through our care, many people have regained their life, and are free of headaches, neck, and back pain. But, did you know that we have seen more unique successes in our patients, such as improved fertility, fewer colds and flus, and even restored eyesight? Take this health survey and find out if we can help you!

Participating Provider with Most Insurance Companies

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While insurance doesn't cover all of your chiropractic needs, it does give you the opportunity to be introduced to chiropractic services initially. We do participate with most insurance companies. We offer affordable ways to pay for care if you don't have any insurance or if you have limited insurance benefits for chiropractic services. Call us today to find out your chiropractic benefits.

Pregnancy and Baby Chiropractor

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Having a baby brings many changes to the female body. Along with a nine month pregnancy, many women experience lots of discomfort, back pain, a stretching stomach, and sometimes even a breech baby. Dr. Blumhardt specializes in a non-invasive technique that helps the baby turn naturally in pregnancy. Once that cute baby is born, Dr. Blumhardt works with many conditions that can occur as a result of the birth process. Baby issues that Dr. Blumhardt has been successful with are colic, fussy babies, acid reflux, ear infections, digestive issues - bed wetting & constipation, and nursing difficulties. If you are pregnant or just gave birth and have concerns about any of these issues, give us a call today at .

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